Meet Maria

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a chef, coming up with the perfect mix of ingredients to create a new and unforgettable dish. My parents’ insistence that I get a four-year degree before going to culinary school led me to Loyola College (now Loyola University) in Baltimore, MD, where an amazing professor sparked my passion for photography and led me toward this amazing career. After attending a cousin’s wedding during my sophomore year and seeing how the photographers had the opportunity to use their creativity and skills to immortalize these beautiful and emotional moments, I knew that wedding photography was the business for me.
I still get to do plenty of cooking for my husband, Mark, our adorable kids, Finnegan, Charlie and Penny and I relish the opportunity to find the perfect combination of ingredients for every shot- lighting, framing, and the unique and special love between the couples whose weddings or other special occasions I get to be a part of.
As a photographer, I like to get a good balance of candid and posed shots.  I like to capture the events of the day as they unfold without over-posing but giving enough guidance that you don’t feel silly standing there. Whether wrangling my own children (or the ones in your family) or corralling a crowd of unruly groomsmen for the perfect formal shot, I’m known for being able to take control (politely, of course), so we can get the picture and let you get back to celebrating with your friends and family.
At the end of the day, I cherish meeting and being a part of the lives of the couples I work with. I nurture a long-lasting relationship with couples returning for maternity, newborn and family sessions. I love that I have photographed weddings for two or three siblings in some families and have become close friends with many of the families I’ve first met as clients.

09152012-174904 ppFun Fun Facts about Me!

– I lived in Belgium for a year in college and learned more Spanish than Dutch

– I am a swimmer. I love the smell of chlorine, its the nectar of the gods.

– I collect spoons and unfortunately for my husband, our house is decorated in them.

– I have always wanted to be a ranch hand at a dude ranch, but don’t really like horses

– I have weakness for french fries, Coke, and my best friend Caroline’s Margarita Pie.

– I can’t wait for my monthly dates with Rachel, my massage therapist.

– My favorite place in the world, is our family’s “shore” home on Middle River. Its been in our family for over 100 years.

– I have a ‘shedding’ in, I shed my belongings all over the house.

– I have a nervous habit of twirling my hair, which I think is hereditary because my mom and sister also do it.

– I am the baby of three girls. We have always wanted to open a B&B together.

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