Meet Helen



Meet Helen

For my thirteenth birthday, my grandparents gave me a camera. It was just an “instamatic,” but I was fascinated. I photographed anything that intrigued me, from every angle. I could not wait to see the images!

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Towson University, my roots are in the mid-Atlantic. Yet I have travelled to 12 different states (and counting!) to photograph weddings and have loved every minute of it! I have always been considered “an old soul” – I am truly a sentimentalist at heart. I love history & nostalgia. Photography gives me an outlet for those passions. It allows me to capture a moment, – preserving history, telling a story. Every image tells a story, and I thoroughly enjoy being the story teller.

I love the excitement and energy of weddings, the quiet moments with newborn babies, and the chaotic silliness of family portraits. Every detail, expression, and emotion is important. I am honored to witness those moments. During a wedding, I pride myself on not only getting the great shots, but also making the day relaxing and fun for the couple, answering their questions, and helping to make sure their special day goes as smoothly as possible. I would love to be a part of your day and make sure its the best day of your life.

Fun Fun Facts about Me!

– I loved speaking in cartoon voices as a child and wanted to make a career in voice-overs!

– My “doppelganger” is not my twin sister.

– I love to water ski but have never skied on snow.

– My favorite camera is not my newest one, but one owned by my great grandmother.

– I think the best sound in the world is a child’s laughter.

– I can be bribed to do anything with homemade cookies!

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